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Want to put the indoor led digital display screen in the outdoor?


Some customers buy the indoor LED digital display screen. After a period of time, the company needs to use it outdoors for activities. In order to save costs, is it OK to use the indoor LED digital display screen outdoors? Customers with such ideas do not know about LED digital display screen. Lianshuo optoelectronics can give you a positive answer. It is unrealistic to change the indoor LED digital display screen to outdoor use. The reasons are as follows:

Brightness limitation

The requirement of indoor LED digital display is not high. It uses dynamic scanning circuit, while outdoor LED digital display is static scanning circuit. The hardware difference between them is great.

Waterproof restrictions

The structure of indoor LED digital display screen requires no water-proof or simple water-proof treatment, while outdoor LED digital display screen requires high water-proof treatment. During production, the cable and box are well waterproof, so the requirements on the box structure itself are different.

Viewing distance limit

The indoor LED digital display requires a short viewing distance, generally P2, p2.5, P3, P4, so the area is generally small, within 15 square meters, while the outdoor LED digital display requires a long viewing distance, generally P6, P8, P10, which determines its large area, generally more than 30 square meters.

Digital display

Because of the difference in brightness, waterproof treatment and model selection between indoor LED digital display and outdoor LED digital display, the hardware of raw materials, accessories and boxes is different at the beginning of production, so it's not easy to change, and it's just not worth the loss to change, so it's suggested not to change them casually.

1. Screen quotation: that is to say, the price of our company's display screen is ×× yuan / square meter, and the price is not the same with different materials.

2. Control system cost: that is, the number of receiving and sending cards of the display screen, which is mainly determined by the size of the display screen. Our company needs to account for the expenses separately.

3. Auxiliary equipment cost: distribution cabinet, computer, audio amplifier, air conditioner, multi-functional control card, lightning arrester, TV card, LED video processor, etc. Of course, some of these devices can be prepared by users themselves, and unnecessary devices can also not be purchased.

4. Display screen playing software: including computer system software, and LED video playing software used for display screen playing, etc., are free.

5. Steel frame structure cost: that is, the bracket used to fix the display screen, including the cost of manual installation. The cost of steel frame column structure is higher than that of steel frame structure installed against the wall.

6. Transportation cost: our company generally adopts logistics automobile transportation, customer to pay, depending on the transportation distance budget, we believe that the majority of customers are still acceptable.

7. Installation cost: when the goods are delivered to the customer, our company will send 1-2 technical engineers to help guide the installation and commissioning. There is no charge for installation assistance. Customers only need to be responsible for the accommodation and round-trip expenses of our technical engineers.


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