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Choose LED digital display to let the audience enjoy extraordinary visual experience


1. The LED digital display screen is controlled by common computer operating system and general playing software, which is easy to learn and understand, and can edit the playing content and sequence at will, making the system setting and operation very convenient

2. The controllability from LED screen material to finished product and from R & D to production becomes the guarantee of product quality and reliability;

3. LED display has various shapes, which can be made into rectangle, square, arc, circle and other customized design shapes

4. LED display can support synchronous control card and asynchronous control card at the same time; it can display and play normally even in case of control computer failure

5. Install the steel structure frame, the indoor LED digital display screen is light steel frame, and the corresponding beam column part adopts the chemical riveting bolt riveting steel plate as the supporting structure, and the display screen steel frame is connected with the riveting fixed steel plate.

6. The indoor LED display system works stably and reliably, has strong anti-interference ability, works continuously for more than 72 hours, and the software operation interface of the control system is humanized and easy to operate.

7. LED screen adopts high-quality light-emitting components as the core material of the screen and adopts its own special Li circuit board design, which fundamentally guarantees the service life of the product.

8. Due to the particularity of the LED display industry, it requires that the working current of the LED lamp be changed by adjusting the power supply voltage under certain circumstances, so as to change the brightness of the LED. Therefore, in the design of energy-saving scheme, 4.2-5v power supply, small power consumption and 20% energy saving are required.


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